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There is no specific time for travelling. For there are so many vibrant places to explore for all seasons of the year! However, I won’t be speaking about travelling globally, but rather, travelling within one’s own country.

South Africa – mother of diversity, unity, and a high unique atmosphere. Hosting a variety of ethnicities, cultures and races. With 12 official languages, surely language barriers should not be an issue right? Anyway, I’m going to speak about my experience in the province of Mphumalanga – a very hot area filled with wildlife and zest.


 I vividly remember on a Thursday afternoon, the scorching sun hitting my face as the lions roared till their hearts content. Smelling the fresh boiling air mixed with spices of distinct animal odour. I resided for 3 days in a place called Skukuza – Kruger National Park.

My first experience of the lodge area was absolutely amazing. The one of a kind scenery was something that has been etched into my heart. On my way down to the cuisine area, I found myself being stared at by the heterogeneous field of animals. Baboons, leopards, lions and peacocks were completely at home due to the wide open spaces in which they reside.

The food I ate at  the Cattle Baron Restaurant & Take Away was exquisite! The food in that place will leave you licking your fingers and your plate!

Not only was the food great but also taking a lovely long stroll around Skukuza, visiting the pool, embedded with  goldish-brown pebbles, that left me refreshed after a long day of exploring.

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South Africa, situated at the very bottom of the African continent, is one of a kind. We’ve experienced so much for us to become what we are today – a democracy. From racial segregation to troubles in the government. Fortunately, that did not prevent us from becoming a rainbow nation filled with various cultures, races and ethnicities.

However, after the racial struggle was ceased in 1994, twenty three years of a democratic State almost seems like a dream – one lived to be precise. I say this because it’s not easy to implement new strategies for the benefit of the youth of the 21st century. More and more of the South African youth battle to be in school. Whether from financial hardships or from a low economy. Even postgraduates struggle to find a decent job.

Either way – a hardworking, fluent, fervent and passionate woman has stepped up to change this dismay. Education is power and as such, once our youth is educated enough, South Africa can take on a more positive stance in the real world. Ms Sylvia Lucas is hard-core on job creation and to accelerate economic growth in the Province of Northern Cape. She’s the fourth premier of the Northern Cape Province, elected and inaugurated as successor to Hazel Jenkins.

With her thirst and desire for a better integrated nation, Lucas seeks to encourage the youth into seeking or creating jobs/careers. As the level of job creation increases by the youth starting their own businesses, the better the chances are of having a high economic growth.

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How awesome it is to wake up to a seasonal garden of various colours blossoming into life. From decadent flowers of Europa to delicious delicacies of fruits and vegetables that can sum up to mouth-watering steamy and cold dishes.

That feeling you get when you wake up early on a rainy day, boots and hat on to avoid the rain from sneaking into your clothes, and finding beautifully rounded pearl droplets of refreshing rain sent from Heaven. It feels exhilarating! Or how about on a cool summer’s day, walking on a magical pebble path only to find luscious greenery from your cabbage garden or a variety of colour speckled vegetables – pumpkin, tomatoes, potatoes, you name it.

I love that girly feeling I get when I view different types of roses sprinkled around the garden encompassed by lush freshly cut grass and bushes carved into animal shapes. Roses like Rosa “Mister Lincoln”, Damask rose, Rosa “Eden”, Beach rose, Golden celebration, Rosa peace, Centifolia roses are just a few examples of the beauty of roses.

I view gardening as an escapism – a way to just shun away from reality and engage in another world filled with splashes of colour and intrigue. Each plant, fruit and vegetable tells a story of its own, especially the process of the way in which they blossom to life. Gardening should never be perceived as something boring but rather as something unique! To kn ow that you brought life into the richly sourced soil is something to be celebrated. It’s not easy to grow something from the ground. It takes nurture, LOVE, and patience.

As Pablo Picasso once stated, “You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses.”

Published: 16 February 2017



Source: Wikipedia. Edited by: Kimberley Shoniwablue roses photos and wallpaper

Source: Wikipedia. Edited by: Kimberley Shoniwa





I’m new to this whole blogging atmosphere. I’m a writer at heart, so blogging shouldn’t be a problem right? Anyway, let me give you a sneak insight on who I am and what my purpose is for starting a blogging lifestyle.

You’re probably thinking I’m French speaking – well, not quite. However, I can speak quite a few languages, since I’m living in a multicultural State. I live in a country filled with vibrancy and ecstatic energy from the people who reside here – South Africa, My rainbow nation! I’m a third year BA Journalism student at Pearson Institute of Higher Education situated in Midrand.

I can speak French, Shona (mostly spoken in neighbouring Zimbabwe), Afrikaans, Zulu, and English of course. I love spending time with people and gaining different perspectives on the beauty of life. I really can’t help but to engage with the people this side both national and international, for they are zesty and quite unique. I’m highly family oriented.

I have an utter zeal for Jesus Christ! My life has changed on a colossal level because of Him who is Lord over all. My relationship with the Father in Heaven is something that I hold dearly to my heart. You take away my faith, you take all from me.fb_img_1486793695261

I find photography so exceptionally gripping because it tells a story of its own. There is however, another passion of mine and that is LOVE. I’m talking about that love that crosses all boundaries and sees only the beauty of the heart. I’m all for interracial relationships! Otherwise, welcome to my blog – I hope you can extract something meaningful from my posts. Until next time…

~Kimberley “Kim” Shoniwa

Published: 9 February 2017