The Samsung, Nokia, iPhone, Sony and LG smartphone industries have been booming for several years now – especially the Samsung Smartphones. However, there’s a new brand on the globe…


Ren Zhengfei is the founder of the Huawei company which was founded in 1987 – he was an ex-military officer. Huawei products are spread to about one hundred and forty countries globally. However, phones were not originally the vision and mission of the company in the beginning. It was only in 1997 when the company started providing fixed line networks products to a company in Hong Kong.

By 2010, 80% of the top fifty telecom companies worked with Huawei such as Motorola and Vodafone.

The Huawei current smartphones such as the P8 AND P9 are ones to be searched for as well as purchased. The design of the smartphone and the various colours are brilliantly etched. The smartphone’s features are epic as well as the quality of the camera and the 4G network which is reliable and fast.

I recommend the Huawei smartphones for all new media users…just to experience something NEW and INNOVATIVE.

Sources: Alicia Mathew 2017






We all want to look presentable and feel and live a healthy lifestyle. But that comes with a huge price. It’s not easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle because you have to watch what you eat, when you eat and how you eat. You have to have a set routine as to which time would be most appropriate to fit into your busy or not so busy schedule. You have to find coping mechanisms to keep up with your routine or most importantly – finding a way to keep motivated because keeping fit is not an easy way of living…this leads me to my next question. WHAT ARE THE MYTHS BEHIND FITNESS?

As someone who wants to make sure that their diet and fitness methods are always on par, it’s important to be quite careful when downloading the best methods to keep fit. Bear in mind that not all the methods will work for you…people are unique in their own way.

Here is an example of a myth list, a TOP 9 list:

  • Running on a treadmill puts less stress on your knees than running on asphalt or pavement.
  • Doing crunches or working on an “ab machine” will get rid of belly fat.
  • An aerobic workout will boost your metabolism for hours after you stop working out.
  • Swimming is a great weight loss activity.
  • Yoga can help with all sorts of back pain.
  • If you’re not working up a sweat, you’re not working hard enough.
  • As long as you feel OK when you’re working out, you’re probably not overdoing it.
  • Machines are a safer way to exercise because you’re doing it right every time.
  • When it comes to working out, you’ve got to feel some pain if you’re going to gain any benefits.

So, you see, these are some of the heresies we hear out there. When you enact yourselves to believing such preposterous rules or tips, not only do you not become the way you had always planned…you destroy chances of working out again.



Sources: Colette Bouchez



It’s not easy to look and feel good when you have a colossal amount of things to do in a day, a week or even a month! However, these are just one of the many things we as women have to endure – looking great at all times…


When puberty kicks in, we usually suffer from pimples and dirty hair…these are big no no’s in our world. I want women of all ages – especially after puberty, to have the right confidence even when experiencing such discomfort. Feel and make yourself beautiful in your discomfort.

So now, what are pimples? Let’s get quizzical. A pimple is a small pustule or papule. Pimples, which occur on the face are small skin lesions or inflammations of the skin which we all DETEST! They develop when sebaceous glands (oil glands) become clogged and infected which creates a pathway for swollen, red inflammations filled with pus.

Pimples are indeed horrendous but dirty hair is as well. Here’s a tip – wear your flaws and dirty hair with confidence. The moment you are conscious of your pimples and show people your discomfort for your unclean hair, the moment they will retract from you. Make your beauty and confidence OVERRIDE the outside.

Here are some great hairstyles below to look forward to when you are too lazy to do the whole shampooing and hair drying and moisturising for 30 minutes or more.


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What I absolutely adore and appreciate as a gift from the One above is the mere fact that a life without a family is no life at all. I’m being serious with you, family is that one thing in life that guarantees love, support and sheer moments of absolute ecstasy.

I cannot possibly imagine my life without my spiritual family – my sisters and father mean a great deal to me and they make my day every time I’m with them or just shedding memories of the things we would do together. When I’m with my sisters and father the most precious activity I just love with most of my heart is when it’s dinner time. That moment when we’re sitting in a circle, or by the dinner table, or even sitting on the floor, chatting away and drinking something cold and fizzy are most cherished in my heart.

There would be times whereby we just get so enthralled with one another’s presence, that we find ourselves speaking for as long as eight hours – of which most of the time we chat into the dawn of the morning. I love eating gourmet food with my loved ones. There’s nothing more special than just being encapsulated in their presence. Family can be any relationship (animals, humans, insects, plant and sea life, human beings with the aforementioned) as long as it’s founded on love, loyalty and trust.





Photographs taken by: Kimberley Shoniwa & Mahlodi Lediga





Film Review: 90 minutes in Heavenmovie review

Mr Don Piper was a man of God who had three beautiful children with a loving and supporting wife. Until he had to travel when an unwanted accident occurred by a bridge caused by a huge truck that rode over Don’s car. In a matter of seconds he lost his life and found himself in one of the most breathe taking places most human beings would love to encounter where there’s an abundance of love, peace and sheer joy.

movie review 3

However, the movie was a disappointment. The title does not resonate with the movie. It’s quite strange in that the movie is titled “90 minutes in Heaven” but 95 % of the movie depicts the man in hospital, with his family at home recovering and how the accident took place – only a few minutes were dedicated to what the man actually saw in Heaven which is quite horrifying.

The movie was supposed to take us into a trance, permit us to envision a restful place. Not to show us what the man was experiencing in hospital because hospital is not heaven. We, as believers, were supposed to learn something from this movie – that Heaven indeed exists and that there is a living God who is Almighty, Supernatural, Powerful, Invisible, and Loving. But this movie failed to paint such a picture.

I’d prefer it if the movie depicted more of Don’s experience in another realm, if that was too challenging or strenuous to accomplish, the movie should not have been executed or should have contained a different title.



What’s unique about the gymnastics sport is that it requires a colossal amount of flexibility and strategy – invented in the late 1700s by a man named Friedrich Ludwig Jahn in Greece (as well as Germany). Gymnastics became an Olympic sport in the year 1896 whereby both women and men competed. There are six genres within gymnastics, these include: Artistic, Rhythmic, Aesthetic, Aerobic, Trampolining and Tumbling. Men compete in six events – Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, and High Bar. Women compete in four events – Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, and Floor Exercise.

What’s fascinating is that NASA scientists discovered that jumping trampoline is up to 68% more effective than jogging, reason being that jumping trampoline is burns up to 410 calories per hour. What I find absolutely jaw-dropping is that the first gymnasts both practiced and competed nude. The word “gymnastics” has roots in Latin which is gymnasticus which means fond of or skilled bodily exercise.

Judo, gripping and action packed, is quite a unique sport. Similar to Karate, Judo is all about survival of the quickest and strongest. It is a martial art that was born and bred in Japan and is also recognised as an Olympic Sport. Invented in 1882, this beauty of a sport is a combination of jujitsu and sumo. What I find so enticing is that the inspiration behind this charismatic sport is that from the 12th to the 19th centuries – Japan was ruled by the samurai – a class of professional soldiers. This caused the emergence for heterogeneous martial arts to develop which encompassed fighting with swords, bows and arrows of which hand-to-hand combat was included by the military.

So which sport will you divulge in?







It’s still summer here in South Africa, so that means, time to explore which possible look a lady can take in order to accentuate both her body and presentation.

I’m not one to appreciate wearing clothing that reveals my legs – even though I’m told I have “killer” legs. But today I won’t be talking about all body sizes, I’ll be exploring the more petite ladies out here. It’s not easy – being slim built – to find a dress that can be of your size and length because of the advantages and disadvantages of being short.

Well, let’s work something out here. Although I don’t enjoy wearing dresses, as a lady it’s logical to own a few gowns for those special occasions such as birthdays, vacations and who can forget High school dances or even graduation?

Find a type of dress that makes you feel comfortable yet beautiful at the same time. For me as an example, I fancy wearing formal dresses (sometimes with a blazer) and dresses that are not body-hugging. However, there are many other dress categories that you as a lady can consider wearing. If you don’t love showing off your legs don’t fret, go for the maxi-dresses which are lengthy yet elegant. If you appreciate your legs, you can wear short flowing dresses or even cocktail dresses.


The loveliness of dresses is that there’s a dress for every occasion, mood, season and day. Depending on your dress style, do not hesitate to mix and match your wardrobe. I usually purchase my dresses from boutiques because it’s that challenging to search for dresses for petite ladies.

Always remember ONE thing though – You’re gorgeous! No matter what negatives the world has to say.



Photographed by: Miles Fumo and Lydia