The Enigmatic Journey…


Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it ~Napoleon Hill. That is just a summary of my whole third year experience at Pearson Institute of Higher Education!

2017 marked the year of brutal workload and endless nights of no rest or even a proper meal to eat. I had been waking up early and sleeping late just so that I can accumulate optimum results and preserve a mutual relationship with my 3rd year lecturers. Every module has its perks and difficulties but at the end of the day I gained insight, knowledge and most importantly – EXPERIENCE!

3rd year gave me some perspective of the real world. That time is not your friend unless you put the effort and make the time yourself. I learnt how to use coping mechanisms such as remaining optimistic, I had the opportunity to receive sound advice and encouragement from my lecturers, I made new acquaintances on campus through the various assignments I had which required me to interact with all kinds of fascinating people.  Third year, from my experience, paves a path that leads to intellectual, physical and mental growth. You form connections with people you never knew existed.

Every single day is literally a new page written in a book. Why? Because I had the privilege of meeting new people from all walks of life. My final year has not been bad at all, but rather challenging and refreshing. I’ve come to realise that in life we have to go through hardships in order to taste the sweetness of success and that colossal amount of achievement.

Above all, I’m where I am today by God’s Grace and Favour and much PRAYER.


Sources: Inspirational quotes Pinterest

Images: by Kimberley Shoniwa & TM Davids


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