How To Beautify Your Home!

Waking up every single day to a feel-good environment both lightens and brightens up your mood. You feel energised to do your daily routine. Life is just made a little simpler in a creative way.

Let’s start off with the dinner table. Be it just for you and your significant partner, or for the family, what makes eating food together and drinking refreshments extra special? Lights, lights, and more lights! How? Take plastic wine cups (any amount), LED tea lights (preferably different colours depending on your personality) and paper shades with patterns on. You’ll also need scissors and double-sided sellotape. Cut out the shades as desired and tape to secure. Place an LED tea light into each plastic wine cup, and assemble as shown in the image below. The voila, your alluring table lights sparkling your all roundtable!


It’s always backbreaking and annoying to always attempt to look for the remote. Well, not anymore. Give your cushions a brand new makeover. Get a removable cushion case, a cut pocket from a male jean, scissors and/or glue or a sewing kit. Place the desired cushion case on the cushion. Cut out the jean pocket from the male jean, then stick or sew the jean pocket onto the cushion case where desired.


Now, for the biggest width and height of your house – the walls. Instead of getting the usual family photographs and hanging certificates and awards, it’s always jaw-dropping to stare at something that makes your mind drift off into wonderland. You achieve this by purchasing or creating a desired backdrop…flowers, fountains, people, destinations, cities, etc. You then digitalise them or stick a bunch of wallpapers together and paste it on your wall or get someone to permanently tattoo the design on the wall.



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