Studying Overseas!

It’s daunting just stepping out of high school and then having to make the agonising decision to study locally or abroad. Well, for you who choose to create a new chapter in your life by going somewhere far away from comfort…try considering Bulgaria as a point of departure.


 What encompasses Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is an uncommon country located in Europe. Being home to the first ever written Slavic language, which is now spoken not just in Bulgaria but also incorporated in the Ukraine, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Greece and Romania.

Educational information and interests

Bulgarians schooling/learning period runs from September to June. Application for international students should be started on the first few days of September. Bear in mind that it would be advisable to learn Bulgarian just before setting yourself on new soil as most courses are predominantly done in their native language. However,  for international students who are not yet skilled or familiar with the language, a one year course in the Bulgarian language also followed by an examination is of great importance. If you already speak Bulgarian, you need to pass the Standardised Test in Bulgarian Level B2. However, some programs are done in the English language. If you desire to study medicine, then you’re in luck because it’s one of the courses done in English.

A bachelor’s degree takes approximately four years in Bulgaria. There are three levels to the higher education stages – bachelor, master’s and doctorate. The good news about attempting to study abroad is that if you passed high school well then you automatically qualify for university, or other higher levels of education.






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