The prodigious Mini Cooper

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The mini Cooper is by far one of the best cars ever to be invented – well, in my opinion it is. Why? Due to it’s petite structure and aesthetic demeanour.

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The Mini Cooper can be located way back by the original Mini by BMC and designer Sir Alex Issigonis in the 1950s. Commonly known to be due to a fuel shortage, and the intensity for more efficient city cars, the Mini Cooper was specifically developed and designed as a two door, 4 cylinder engine car by BMC, and featured a monocoque outer covering. The first Mini Cooper, or Mark I, was tied to BMC’s other famous brand names such as the Morris Minor and Austin, and was launched in 1959. In the 1960s, the popularity of the compact and distinct Mini Cooper led to it taking on its own distinctive identity, with the Mark II Mini adding a new sparkle in the later part of the decade.

Mini Cooper is an exquisite car for women and those people who are simple yet stylish, as well as those people who always have something new to discover about them. The Mini is an ideal eye-catcher. Not too expensive and just the right car to explore and have a great time travelling

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