Prayer is a necessity in a Christian’s life…or for any religion for that matter. However, Christianity will be the topic for the day as it is one of the biggest religions in the world. 

The highlight of a Christian’s life is a relationship with God the Father. The way to achieve this is to have an in depth understanding, knowledge and relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ The Saviour King. For many, this may sound easy, however, having a relationship with a supernatural being – a Spirit – is not a walk in the park.

Prayer encompasses an intimate conversation in the secret place (a place you feel comfortable to pray in). Prayer is not necessarily a spiritual activity that requires a time limit. Prayer can be as little as thirty seconds to as long as three hours. Depending on how the Holy Spirit descends upon the people.

Prayer is not just muttering words. Prayer is also singing, dancing, meditating on the Word of God (the Holy Bible). Spontaneous prayer is literally the best form of prayer you can do for yourself. Prepared or rehearsed prayer is never an ideal as it’s not genuine or from the heart. Spontaneous worship – giving reverance, showing gratitude and surrendering to the Creator, Elohim – is also a magnificent form of prayer. Corporate worship and prayer are a fantastic way of tapping into the spirit!

Black and White Hands

Without prayer…all things are bound to go wrong in your life. You’d be surprised what a little prayer can do FOR YOU.

Images: Prayer Praying together


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