Hair is an essential part of every human beings life. As human beings, we use our hair to our advantage. For appeal, for protection and for a sign of manhood and womanhood.


As such, it is vital to keep hair looking healthy, clean and appealing. I have noticed that just as combing one’s hair on their head permits hair growth, so does brushing eyebrow hair. I can attest to this in that a dear friend of mine had weak eyebrow hair. Her eyebrow hair would fall off whenever she touched them. Until she started brushing both eyebrows with a brush two times a day after taking a shower or bath.

The results were astounding. Within the first month of dedicating herself to the method, eyebrow hairs started to grow. Now a year, my friend’s eyebrows look magnificent. Her eyebrows almost look fake the way they look so good. On that note, so does washing, shampooing, conditioning and air drying natural or chemical hair. The trick in hair is not necessarily by the expensive products. It’s by how much you love your hair.


The effort one puts on their hair really pays off. It just takes patience and care. Products that contain olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and carrot oil are just what the hair needs to be in perfect shape. Blow drying hair all the time causes split ends and cranky dry hair because of overheating.

Love your hair. It really matters!



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