The Samsung, Nokia, iPhone, Sony and LG smartphone industries have been booming for several years now – especially the Samsung Smartphones. However, there’s a new brand on the globe…


Ren Zhengfei is the founder of the Huawei company which was founded in 1987 – he was an ex-military officer. Huawei products are spread to about one hundred and forty countries globally. However, phones were not originally the vision and mission of the company in the beginning. It was only in 1997 when the company started providing fixed line networks products to a company in Hong Kong.

By 2010, 80% of the top fifty telecom companies worked with Huawei such as Motorola and Vodafone.

The Huawei current smartphones such as the P8 AND P9 are ones to be searched for as well as purchased. The design of the smartphone and the various colours are brilliantly etched. The smartphone’s features are epic as well as the quality of the camera and the 4G network which is reliable and fast.

I recommend the Huawei smartphones for all new media users…just to experience something NEW and INNOVATIVE.

Sources: Alicia Mathew 2017





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