Film Review: 90 minutes in Heavenmovie review

Mr Don Piper was a man of God who had three beautiful children with a loving and supporting wife. Until he had to travel when an unwanted accident occurred by a bridge caused by a huge truck that rode over Don’s car. In a matter of seconds he lost his life and found himself in one of the most breathe taking places most human beings would love to encounter where there’s an abundance of love, peace and sheer joy.

movie review 3

However, the movie was a disappointment. The title does not resonate with the movie. It’s quite strange in that the movie is titled “90 minutes in Heaven” but 95 % of the movie depicts the man in hospital, with his family at home recovering and how the accident took place – only a few minutes were dedicated to what the man actually saw in Heaven which is quite horrifying.

The movie was supposed to take us into a trance, permit us to envision a restful place. Not to show us what the man was experiencing in hospital because hospital is not heaven. We, as believers, were supposed to learn something from this movie – that Heaven indeed exists and that there is a living God who is Almighty, Supernatural, Powerful, Invisible, and Loving. But this movie failed to paint such a picture.

I’d prefer it if the movie depicted more of Don’s experience in another realm, if that was too challenging or strenuous to accomplish, the movie should not have been executed or should have contained a different title.

Sources: 90minutesinheaventhemovie.com





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