It’s still summer here in South Africa, so that means, time to explore which possible look a lady can take in order to accentuate both her body and presentation.

I’m not one to appreciate wearing clothing that reveals my legs – even though I’m told I have “killer” legs. But today I won’t be talking about all body sizes, I’ll be exploring the more petite ladies out here. It’s not easy – being slim built – to find a dress that can be of your size and length because of the advantages and disadvantages of being short.

Well, let’s work something out here. Although I don’t enjoy wearing dresses, as a lady it’s logical to own a few gowns for those special occasions such as birthdays, vacations and who can forget High school dances or even graduation?

Find a type of dress that makes you feel comfortable yet beautiful at the same time. For me as an example, I fancy wearing formal dresses (sometimes with a blazer) and dresses that are not body-hugging. However, there are many other dress categories that you as a lady can consider wearing. If you don’t love showing off your legs don’t fret, go for the maxi-dresses which are lengthy yet elegant. If you appreciate your legs, you can wear short flowing dresses or even cocktail dresses.


The loveliness of dresses is that there’s a dress for every occasion, mood, season and day. Depending on your dress style, do not hesitate to mix and match your wardrobe. I usually purchase my dresses from boutiques because it’s that challenging to search for dresses for petite ladies.

Always remember ONE thing though – You’re gorgeous! No matter what negatives the world has to say.



Photographed by: Miles Fumo and Lydia


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