Je Suis Travel


There is no specific time for travelling. For there are so many vibrant places to explore for all seasons of the year! However, I won’t be speaking about travelling globally, but rather, travelling within one’s own country.

South Africa – mother of diversity, unity, and a high unique atmosphere. Hosting a variety of ethnicities, cultures and races. With 12 official languages, surely language barriers should not be an issue right? Anyway, I’m going to speak about my experience in the province of Mphumalanga – a very hot area filled with wildlife and zest.


 I vividly remember on a Thursday afternoon, the scorching sun hitting my face as the lions roared till their hearts content. Smelling the fresh boiling air mixed with spices of distinct animal odour. I resided for 3 days in a place called Skukuza – Kruger National Park.

My first experience of the lodge area was absolutely amazing. The one of a kind scenery was something that has been etched into my heart. On my way down to the cuisine area, I found myself being stared at by the heterogeneous field of animals. Baboons, leopards, lions and peacocks were completely at home due to the wide open spaces in which they reside.

The food I ate at  the Cattle Baron Restaurant & Take Away was exquisite! The food in that place will leave you licking your fingers and your plate!

Not only was the food great but also taking a lovely long stroll around Skukuza, visiting the pool, embedded with  goldish-brown pebbles, that left me refreshed after a long day of exploring.

Sources: , Skukuza Rest Camp. https://


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