I’m new to this whole blogging atmosphere. I’m a writer at heart, so blogging shouldn’t be a problem right? Anyway, let me give you a sneak insight on who I am and what my purpose is for starting a blogging lifestyle.

You’re probably thinking I’m French speaking – well, not quite. However, I can speak quite a few languages, since I’m living in a multicultural State. I live in a country filled with vibrancy and ecstatic energy from the people who reside here – South Africa, My rainbow nation! I’m a third year BA Journalism student at Pearson Institute of Higher Education situated in Midrand.

I can speak French, Shona (mostly spoken in neighbouring Zimbabwe), Afrikaans, Zulu, and English of course. I love spending time with people and gaining different perspectives on the beauty of life. I really can’t help but to engage with the people this side both national and international, for they are zesty and quite unique. I’m highly family oriented.

I have an utter zeal for Jesus Christ! My life has changed on a colossal level because of Him who is Lord over all. My relationship with the Father in Heaven is something that I hold dearly to my heart. You take away my faith, you take all from me.fb_img_1486793695261

I find photography so exceptionally gripping because it tells a story of its own. There is however, another passion of mine and that is LOVE. I’m talking about that love that crosses all boundaries and sees only the beauty of the heart. I’m all for interracial relationships! Otherwise, welcome to my blog – I hope you can extract something meaningful from my posts. Until next time…

~Kimberley “Kim” Shoniwa

Published: 9 February 2017



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