How awesome it is to wake up to a seasonal garden of various colours blossoming into life. From decadent flowers of Europa to delicious delicacies of fruits and vegetables that can sum up to mouth-watering steamy and cold dishes.

That feeling you get when you wake up early on a rainy day, boots and hat on to avoid the rain from sneaking into your clothes, and finding beautifully rounded pearl droplets of refreshing rain sent from Heaven. It feels exhilarating! Or how about on a cool summer’s day, walking on a magical pebble path only to find luscious greenery from your cabbage garden or a variety of colour speckled vegetables – pumpkin, tomatoes, potatoes, you name it.

I love that girly feeling I get when I view different types of roses sprinkled around the garden encompassed by lush freshly cut grass and bushes carved into animal shapes. Roses like Rosa “Mister Lincoln”, Damask rose, Rosa “Eden”, Beach rose, Golden celebration, Rosa peace, Centifolia roses are just a few examples of the beauty of roses.

I view gardening as an escapism – a way to just shun away from reality and engage in another world filled with splashes of colour and intrigue. Each plant, fruit and vegetable tells a story of its own, especially the process of the way in which they blossom to life. Gardening should never be perceived as something boring but rather as something unique! To kn ow that you brought life into the richly sourced soil is something to be celebrated. It’s not easy to grow something from the ground. It takes nurture, LOVE, and patience.

As Pablo Picasso once stated, “You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses.”

Published: 16 February 2017



Source: Wikipedia. Edited by: Kimberley Shoniwablue roses photos and wallpaper

Source: Wikipedia. Edited by: Kimberley Shoniwa


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