South Africa, situated at the very bottom of the African continent, is one of a kind. We’ve experienced so much for us to become what we are today – a democracy. From racial segregation to troubles in the government. Fortunately, that did not prevent us from becoming a rainbow nation filled with various cultures, races and ethnicities.

However, after the racial struggle was ceased in 1994, twenty three years of a democratic State almost seems like a dream – one lived to be precise. I say this because it’s not easy to implement new strategies for the benefit of the youth of the 21st century. More and more of the South African youth battle to be in school. Whether from financial hardships or from a low economy. Even postgraduates struggle to find a decent job.

Either way – a hardworking, fluent, fervent and passionate woman has stepped up to change this dismay. Education is power and as such, once our youth is educated enough, South Africa can take on a more positive stance in the real world. Ms Sylvia Lucas is hard-core on job creation and to accelerate economic growth in the Province of Northern Cape. She’s the fourth premier of the Northern Cape Province, elected and inaugurated as successor to Hazel Jenkins.

With her thirst and desire for a better integrated nation, Lucas seeks to encourage the youth into seeking or creating jobs/careers. As the level of job creation increases by the youth starting their own businesses, the better the chances are of having a high economic growth.

Published: WEEK 3

Source of image: Wikipedia



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